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InnovationOne is the thought leader on innovation in Canada.  Our approach, customized for your organization, is unique, effective, and focused on the execution of an innovation orientation.
Our client list continues to grow as organizations realize that innovation is no longer an option, but rather it is a requirement for growth and sustainability.  InnovationOne is the best option for the alignment of innovation with existing organizational strategy.

InnovationOne is comprised of associates who are primarily university business school faculty and management consultants.  Depending on the scope of the project, we will assemble a team of specialists or engage in a partnership with other experienced professionals from complementary fields.

InnovationOne has been working with organizations for the past 15 years. Following is a list of some past and present clients.

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Client Testimonials

“I had the privilege of attending Brooke’s InnovationOne workshop. This one day workshop was very insightful. The InnovationOne process starts with a survey which in itself forces one to step back and really think about all aspects of your organization and where innovation can be applied. Innovation is all around, it is everywhere, it is in your organization – just waiting to be tapped into.

With pin point accuracy, the InnovationOne platform allowed me to clearly identify the real issues and challenges that are occurring in our organization. Once the challenges were clearly identified, their process made it very easy to define a focused, step by step action plan aimed at solving these challenges.

Your Innovation score is important, more important is the process, understanding it and effectively executing the action plan. Change is not easy – The InnovationOne Platform is a tool I can use to manage the change process more effectively. I would recommend this seminar to anyone looking to implement change in their organization. ”

Kipp Sakundiak, General Manager, Prairie Machine & Parts Mfg. Partnership


“We considered ourselves a fairly innovative company, but after working with Brooke Dobni at InnovationOne we identified a number of specific action items that would help take us to the next level. As a result, our company has made innovation part of our culture. We have a clear innovation strategy that has helped staff make innovation a part of their day to day activities.”

Danea Armstrong, President, NORAC Systems International Inc.


“One thing that impressed me is that I have participated in InnovationOne sessions on three different occasions and each one had a similar message and content, but Brooke’s ability to customize the material and better suit it to the different audiences was impressive. The course material continues to improve and the take-home material is top notch. I often reference my InnovationOne course materials and feel that a regular review with Brooke and his team is a very beneficial practice to maintain and improve the innovation within our company.”

Jason Griffith, M.Sc, Product Manager, NORAC Systems International Inc.


“When our client needed a quick turnaround in assessing her not-for-profit organization’s culture of collaboration and innovation, we contacted Dr. Brooke Dobni to learn about the InnovationOne approach. He guided us through the work and produced a report that met client needs and set the groundwork for future efforts. We enjoyed working with the consultant and would give them the highest marks for customer responsiveness, timeliness, expertise, and quality reporting.”

Mary Marx, Evaluation Services Center, University of Cincinnati


InnovationOne and Strategian has impressed us with their consistently efficient, professional work and broad range of services – an approach that has both inspired confidence and generated the results we were looking for. We needed their services to conduct public and member services to assist us in measuring achievement towards our goals and were pleased with the innovative approach they took, the thoroughness and timeliness of the final product and their excellent presentation skills in front of a large audience.  They have also done market research on salaries and benefits as a basis for our benchmarking work. They have proven to be excellent partners for the SRNA and are leaders in their field.”

Susan Smith Brazill, Director, Communications & Corporate Services, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association


“Dr. Dobni and Strategian have a wealth of knowledge in the development and application of measurement tools, which ensure the “right questions” are asked and the appropriate outcomes are action orientated. His extensive work in research and analysis combined with a deep understanding of business models and strategy has assisted SaskCentral in creating meaningful and client-centric change in our organization.”

Debbie Lane, V.P. Marketing, SaskCentral