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InnovationOne is a comprehensive innovation management approach which consists of three mutually exclusive, but interdependent services.  These services are aimed at:

  • identifying new/enhanced value
  • defining growth strategies
  • building innovation capabilities amongst all employees
  • generating industry and customer insights
  • designing and implementing innovation execution models

Professional Development Workshops

Many organizations do not understand what innovation is and how it can impact their company. We develop and deliver customized PD workshops ranging from half day to 3 day sessions to help organizations:

  • Understand innovation
  • Discover where innovation will have the greatest impact in their organization
  • Develop skills and tools to facilitate the development of innovation goals and objectives
  • Provide examples of innovation management frameworks to systematically manage innovation that can be readily implemented

InnovationOne Metric Assessment of Culture

Using the InnovationOne metric, your organization will gain a better understanding of its innovation orientation, including the roadblocks to advancing your company’s innovation culture. This also involves:

  • A comprehensive diagnostic score across the 12 drivers of innovation in your organization
  • A prescriptive multi-year blueprint to advance your organization’s innovation orientation
  • Benchmark of your scores against industry and country averages
  • General innovation counsel around gaps in innovation thought and application

Innovation Governance

Depending on your organization’s innovation goals, this involves the customized development of an innovation governance and management system. This model will facilitate and sustain innovation in an incremental and planned approach. It will also help in:

  • Building innovation capacity
  • Developing processes to support innovation planning models
  • Designing new architectures for participation and engagement
  • Linking innovation outcomes to performance metrics

The InnovationOne Approach

InnovationOne is a proprietary assessment metric that is scientifically based and thoroughly tested on over 2,000 organizations in a variety of industries across North America.   It is a diagnostic measure of 12 drivers of innovation.  It provides a perspective on an organization’s innovation orientation and its ability to generate new value.  More importantly, it provides prescriptive counsel on how to enhance an organization’s innovation orientation.  InnovationOne is the most thorough and robust measurement tool for innovation available.

InnovationOne will provide a benchmark of your company’s innovation score and provide insight on where your firm fits in regards to innovation leadership, resources, knowledge management, and execution.  Not only does it identify specific areas that need development but it can also indicate gaps in perceptions between management and operating-level employees.


Why InnovationOne?

InnovationOne’s value lies in its ability to advance an organization’s innovation agenda.  Most innovation today in organizations happens on a random basis, thereby creating only a short-term advantage.  Our systematic approach, based in management science principles, guides organizations to experience innovation on an incremental and planned basis.  Organizations that reach this quadrant experience sustained competitive advantages, and develop an innovation potential for disruptive innovation.

Your Organization’s InnovationOne score across the 12 drivers of innovation will provide a benchmark from which to develop a roadmap to systematically increase its ability to innovate.  Our value-added lies in our ability to move organizations from the random-incremental quadrant (InnovationOne scores of less than 70%) to the incremental-planned quadrant where innovation can lead to sustainable competitive advantages.  Typically, organizations in this quadrant score between 70% to 80% using the InnovationOne model.

The Innovation Quadrant Map


InnovationOne Analytics

The power of InnovationOne resides in the numbers.  In addition to better understanding your organization’s innovation orientation across 12 drivers and a view to advancing the scores across the drivers, you will also learn about variation in scores across the organization – by employee level, division, and geographic location.  It also provides benchmark scores against our normative database of over 2,000 assessments, including industry and country-based scores.

Based on these analytics, InnovationOne provides a comprehensive report on your organization’s innovation culture, including recommendations to advance your innovation agenda through a multi-stage process. The report and recommendations are premised on the analytics and are designed to align with your organization’s current strategic process.

Sample of Innovation Roadmap