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Strategic Counsel

Alignment will precipitate a behavioural environment that guide how employees think and act.

InnovationOne provides counsel that is designed to help managers gain strategic insight, and organizations to gain implementation advantages.   Working closely with Boards, Executives and Management, we help organizations define and implement strategies aimed at creating opportunities, enhancing growth, and building sustainability.

Strategy Insight: Grounded in strategic theory, we help organizations to assess their full potential through defining enterprise capabilities.  We work closely with our clients to assess core competencies, and challenge current practices and processes with a view to improving the organization’s strategic architecture.  These insights are focused on strategic/market positioning, customer value creation, value chain influence and opportunity space development.

Strategy Mapping and Alignment: Mapping involves the relationship between organization values/vision/strategy, investments in people and processes, and the identification of key performance indicators.  Alignment considers the linkage between management preferences and employee behaviours with desired strategic intentions.  Part in parcel of this includes business model process and employee practice considerations.  We help organizations to conceptualize opportunities, and design strategy maps to engage both planned and emergent opportunities.

Strategy Implementation: Implementation of strategy is one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations today.  Through our own published research, we have discovered that strategic positioning is highly correlated to employee behaviours, and that alignment of behaviours to desired strategies is the key to successful implementation.  This behavioural approach to strategy implementation considers the culture of the organization as the way to manage implementation in a practical and efficient manner. We employ methods that help organizations to understand roadblocks to implementation, and more importantly how to remove them.