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What Motivates Us

Companies that focus on a set of innovation capabilities most consistent with their innovation strategy and tightly aligned with their overall corporate strategy reported higher profit margins than their competitors, by up to 22%.

InnovationOne is the thought leader on innovation in Canada.  We work with organizations who desire to become industry driving, and help others make the transitions to sustainable innovative and proactive cultures.  We create knowledge through applied research, and have published over 25 peer-reviewed articles on innovation.  Our perspectives are based on this leading edge research.

InnovationOne helps companies outperform their rivals by embedding innovation into the core of the organization.  Our approach is established on the belief that innovation can be systematically managed, and that capabilities and processes can be developed to reduce the risks associated with growth through innovation.  We believe that when innovation is systematically managed, it creates an internal environment that forms the foundation to lever value creation and strategy implementation.

InnovationOne combines knowledge and practice in the areas of innovation, strategy, and performance management to help organizations cascade innovation cultures.  This convergence has lead to the development of the InnovationOne model. InnovationOne is a diagnostic tool used to identify and manage innovation thrusts within the organization.

We provide a point of view about innovation and your organization.  Our process is widely participative, and because every organization is unique, it will vary from organization to organization.  In most cases, InnovationOne works with executives and management, first consulting with and providing counsel to the team in efforts to uncover issues and roadblocks to innovation.  Once this understanding is developed, we engage in diagnostic and prescriptive processes that will help expedite the innovation platform in your organization.  Our approaches are based on the understanding that in order to prospect and implement new avenues to growth, there must be alignment between the organization’s strategy, innovation orientation, and the competitive environment.  Our goal is to embed an innovation orientation into the organization’s culture, thereby positively affecting employee’s behaviors and actions, and organizational processes on an ongoing basis.

InnovationOne is an innovation management approach developed by Dr. Brooke Dobni and Dr. Mark Klassen of Strategian.  Founded in 1995, Strategian is the thought leader on innovation in Canada.  Through our consulting experience and peer-reviewed research of over 25 articles, we have a deep understanding of the patterns of successful innovation across a variety of industries and business types. We believe developing innovation capabilities is essential for creating sustainable growth, and it will be the next level of competitive advantage.

Our approach is simple; we want to help organizations drive transformational growth through innovation.  We accomplish this by:

  • Taking a general management and enterprise view of innovation
  • Focusing on growth through innovation, with a specific focus on professional development and execution models unique to your organization’s culture and competitive realities
  • Understanding your organization’s innovation orientation, and working within those boundaries, with a view to expanding them
  • Providing effective and unique insights that are customized for your organization and that are capable of being implemented in a timely and cost effective manner
  • Focusing on results over the long term
  • Advancing the theory and practice of innovation through ongoing research and fieldwork